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Quality Project Recommendation: Mining Tailings Reuse Project “Pacococha Tailings”

Quality Project Recommendation: Mining Tailings Reuse Project “Pacococha Tailings”



Requirement:Equity investment

Mineral Species:Gold,Silver

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Project Details

Pacococha is a mining tailings reuse project that consists of recovering the economic metallic contents of Gold (Au) and Silver (Ag), through the removal of the tailings located in the Pacococha lagoon, contributing to rehabilitate it, and which is located in the productive stage (industrial stage)RECO - EMPRESA DE RECICLAJE ECOLOGICO COMERCIAL SERVICIOS GENERALES S.A.C, acquired the rights over the environmental liability as the first reuse in 2012.


The company that owns the Project is now looking for investment to finance the industrial stage of production or the transfer of ownership of the Project or the exploitation rights over it.


Pacococha Tailings Project


Locationin the Department of Huancavelica, Province of Castrovirreyna, district of Castrovirreyna, Pacococha community, at 4,300 meters above sea level and with an area of 42 hectares.

Estimated Resources

A resource between 40,000 and 50,000 Ounces of Gold (Au) and 4'000,000 5'000,000

Ounces of Silver (Ag)


The metallurgical tests carried out show recovery of Gold (Au) between 73.84 and 95.38% and for the case of Silver (Ag) between 18.86% and 58.38%. 


Investment Highlights:

Ø All the necessary permits, authorizations and contracts available to carry out its operations;

Ø Logistics advantageclose to a first-class asphalt road, which allows it to have the necessary logistical support in the shortest possible time;

Ø Productive stage projectInitial annual industrial production 2021 is estimated at 1,372 ounces of gold and 74,550 ounces of silver;

Ø The company has projected sales of US$4,300,000 for the first year of operation. Over the next 19 years, net sales are estimated at approximately US$ 8,500,000 per year, allowing for a reduction in operating costs to 30% of net sales;

Ø Large numbers of clients/buyers-ongoing operations in 40 countries in Latin America, Asia and Europe;

Ø Eco-friendly to the environment, water quality improvement in Pisco-Peru, good social relations with the Peasant Community of Pacococha.


Pacococha project is a productive and riskless tailing process plant which extracts the residual gold and silver contents that are in the tailing material in Peru.

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