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IMC International Mining Corp. Seeks for Investors in China

IMC International Mining Corp. Seeks for Investors in China

International Mining Corp.

Region:Northern Quesnel Terrane

Requirement:Equity investment

Mineral Species:Copper, Gold, Silver

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Project Details


IMC International Mining Corp. Seeks for Investors in China

Company Profile

IMC International Mining Corp. ( will be changed name to Interra Copper Corp.)(CSE: IMCX | OTCQB:IMIMF | FRA:3MX) is a Canadian-based junior exploration and development company aimed at increasing shareholder value through the development of copper and gold properties in British Columbia and Arizona. The company 100% owns the Thane Property and Bullard Pass Property.

Mineral Classification

Copper, Gold, Silver.


Copper-Gold Project Profile

Ø  Flagship Project: Thane Property

Ø  Location: Northern Quesnel Terrane. Mid-way between past-producing Kemess to north and producing Mt. Milligan to south. Covers 206.58 sq. kilometers. Close to power and road access.


Ø  Mineral Resource: Has identified 6 mineralized areas including, from south to north, the Cathedral, Cirque, Gail, CJL, Lake and Mat Areas. Each of the 6 areas have all indicated copper and gold mineralization as high as 13.9% Cu, 77.8 g/t Au and 56.4 g/t Ag. Mineralization styles range from stockwork and disseminated porphyry-type to vein hosted.

Ø  Exploration Status:

ü  Cathedral Area

Ÿ   Rock samples resulted in up to 13.9% Cu, 20.1 g/t Au and 23.8 g/t Ag

Ÿ   Average of 442 samples from outcrop equalled 0.37% Cu and 0.23 g/t Au.

ü  Cirque Area

Ÿ   Average of 0.77% Cu and 0.44 g/t Au from 75 samples

Ÿ   Gold grade observed as high as 77.8 g/t Au, 8.70% Cu, 56.4 g/t Ag

ü  Gail Area

Ÿ   Average of 0.44% Cu from 256 samples

ü  CJL Area

Ÿ   High-grade copper associated with Feldspar porphyry dykes

ü  Lake Area

Ÿ   Up to 4.56% Cu and 3.81 g/t Au in rocks

ü  Mat Area

Ÿ   Historic sampling resulting in grades as high as 1140 g/t Ag, 0.51% Cu, 1.79% Lead and 2.59% Zinc


ü  The 2021 work program is planned to include diamond drilling, soil and rock sampling, geological mapping, IP surveying and aerial studies that will include aerial photographs and LiDAR surveying.

ü  License availablefor diamond drilling.


Investment Highlights

ü  Professional team with over 100 years combined experience in mineral exploration and development.

ü  The Company is in a good cash position with no debts.

ü  Located within similar geological setting as 16 current and past producing mines. 50 billion pounds copper and 28 million ounces gold produced in Quesnel Terrane.


      Other Known Deposits & Producers in the Quesnel Terrane

Capital Structure

Share   Price   (April   23, 2021)

$ 0.235

Market   Cap

$ 13,679,146

Listed   Outstanding Shares


Outstanding   Unit Purchase Warrants


Exercisable   @48 cents expiring May 13, 2022

Outstanding   Options


3,597,500   vested in prices ranging from 16 to 50 cents


Company Requirement: Seek for investors in China.

Contact Information: Platform

Attachment Download: Company Presentation and Reports

Company Website: https://www.imcxmining.com/