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"Pre roadshow" activity kicked off


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Roadshow details

  In order to further create the innovation and entrepreneurship atmosphere in the park and gather the innovation and entrepreneurship efforts of the carriers and enterprises in the park, Fengyang Park, taking the opportunity of the 2020 "Zheng Chuanghui" international innovation and entrepreneurship competition, comprehensively launched the "pre roadshow" activity of the application project, invited experts as mentors and road show site reviewers to conduct pre competition centralized mentoring on the participating projects and improve the overall quality of the participating projects in the park.


  On the afternoon of May 12, the "pre roadshow" activity of the international innovation and entrepreneurship competition of "Zheng Chuanghui" in Fengyang Park was successfully held. Henan Zhengda Jiayuan Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd., Henan Youxing Network Technology Co., Ltd., Zhengzhou hounuo Information Technology Co., Ltd. and other park enterprises participated in the "pre roadshow" activity of the project, and fully demonstrated their entries, with outstanding emphasis and distinct characteristics. Based on the current situation of epidemic prevention, Zhengda Jiayuan environmental protection has developed a sewage disinfection and treatment system based on the Internet of things system, which has won the favor of teachers.


  In this "pre roadshow" activity, three guests frequently asked questions about the core competitiveness, profit model, market scale and development prospect of the project, and helped the enterprise to make repeated deliberation from policy support, demand traction, capital integration, project publicity and other aspects to give a more comprehensive guidance to the project. In addition, the face-to-face business model of the participating projects is combed, and the technical innovation, feasibility, operability in the market environment and rationality of investment budget of the participating projects are evaluated and professional improvement suggestions are provided. The participating enterprises said that the pre competition guidance had high quality, good effect, active atmosphere and frequent interaction, which not only improved the quality of the project and boosted the confidence of the competition, but also gave the enterprises a more objective understanding and Thinking on the later planning and landing of the project.