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The introduction of gem registration system is good for companies


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Roadshow details

  Material preparation


  1. Prepare a clear and concise roadshow material, which is generally presented in the form of PPT.


  2. The style of PPT should be consistent with that of the company. If it is a cultural start-up company / Internet company, it is necessary to highlight the design sense of PPT and the aesthetic foundation of the founder. A beautiful ppt may not add much points to the project itself, but a messy and ugly material will greatly deduct the impression points in the eyes of investors.


  3. Prepare a PPT and a team (one page project introduction, highlight project key points, advantages, etc.) for BD needs of enterprises.


  Preparation before Roadshow


  1. If the founder is from a technical background and is not good at social interaction, he / she can ask the partners to show the project, and he / she can supplement as an audience when necessary. But don't let the subordinates who don't know the whole business go to the road show alone.


  2. Know more about the company's indicators than anyone, whether it's operational indicators, financial situation, future development expectation or market situation. Prepare in advance where investors may have questions.


  3. Do some homework for the judges' background in advance, which is conducive to efficient communication. Roadshow is a great opportunity to meet investors and institutions.


  4. List the outline of the project, sort out your own views, distinguish the key points and sub key points of the project, and arrange the time needed for each part of the roadshow accordingly.


  5. It is recommended to drill in advance (pre demo) to strictly control the time of roadshow. Basically, only 10% of the people can introduce the project completely in a given time.


  Reasonable allocation of speaking time


  The following is a 10 minute roadshow time standard.


  1. Before the opening, PPT needs to be displayed in advance, so the home page can give investors the deepest impression in the first half minute as much as possible with the one sentence introduction of the project + company logo.


  2. First, introduce the problems you encounter or the original intention of starting a business, and bring investors to your project through stories. Usually vivid speeches and funny talks will leave a deeper impression.


  3. Introduce your product and how it solves problems, and what advantages and highlights you have compared with other competitors. It's better to highlight three major points respectively, avoid collecting highlights and advantages.


  5. Tell investors how to realize your products, that is, business model and profit model, including user profile, competitors, etc. This part is often the most important part of the early business plan. Investment is not to do charity, creativity, no way to realize the project for angel investors is difficult to attract.


  6. Introduce the founding team of the project, including their education background and experience, especially the entrepreneurial experience in related fields, which can help the project avoid some pitfalls in entrepreneurship.


  7. Operational planning and development blueprint, equity structure, financing plan and fund use. Although this part of the general ink is not much, but it is an indispensable part of the roadshow. If you don't, the judges won't miss it.