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Ganfeng lithium has started the construction of 4 GWh solid-state battery production capacity

On January 30, State Development and Investment Corp. announced to complete the investment in Jiangxi Ganfeng Lithium Battery Technology Co., LTD. (Ganfeng Lithium Battery), to support the company to increase the investment and industrialization of solid state batteries, and strive to break through the industrial problems of power battery safety.



According to the data, Ganfeng Lithium Battery is a holding subsidiary of Ganfeng Lithium (002460), and its business covers consumer batteries, power batteries, energy storage batteries, solid-state batteries and other fields.


It is reported that in the field of solid state battery, Ganfeng lithium battery research and development team has been engaged in solid state battery research and development for more than 10 years, since the establishment of solid state battery research and development subsidiary in Ningbo High-tech Zone Zhejiang Feng Lithium New Energy, constantly promote the progress of solid state battery technology. The company pays attention to the industrial application of technology. Solid state battery technology has formed a perfect commercial path in the fields of power, portable energy storage, wearable and 3C digital. The first generation of solid state power battery has been carried on the Dongfeng E70 model and has been successfully delivered for operation.


At present, Ganfeng Lithium Battery solid state battery production base has started the construction of 4 GWh production capacity, and plans to build a solid state battery production base in Chongqing province.