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CATL European factory officially put into production

Contemporary Amperex Technology Co., Limited(CATL) announced the first overseas production base in Germany. This is the first overseas production base of CATL, which is the world by domestic market. Plan to start from the Erfurt plant to accelerate the capture of North American markets such as the United States. Competition with South Korea, with a sales strategy centered on North America and Europe.


According to the relevant industry on 25, some production lines of CATL in Erfurt factory have begun normal shipments of products. Production lines, which are still under test runs, will return to normal operation soon. The Erfurt plant size is 14 GWh. It produces batteries that can run on 280,000 electric cars a year.

Matthias Gentgraf, president of CATL Europe, said, ‘this production is a significant commitment to the customer company. We will do our best to expand our production capacity.The battery industry to implement the" first order, then expansion " strategy. Invest while ensuring supply in 2028-2030.

In addition, CATL plans to build a new 100 GWh second European plant in Hungary, with the goal of completion by 2027.