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Envision AESC signed a large power battery order with Mazda

On November 22, Mazda announced its mid-term business plan and 2030 performance targets, and updated its electrification strategy and plan to launch pure EV in the worldwide, and revealed its latest battery supply plans.


According to the plan, Mazda has formed a supply agreement with Envision AESC to ensure a stable supply of EV batteries while increasing domestic electric vehicle production in Japan.


Envision AESC is a power battery company, owned by the new energy company Envision Technology Group. As far as announced one month ago that it will provide new cylindrical batteries for BMW's new generation models from 2026. At the beginning of the year, Envision AESC reached a partnership with Mercedes-Benz to provide power battery products for Mercedes-Benz's new generation of luxury pure electric SUV models, the EQS and EQE.


Envision AESC Global CEO Shoichi Matsumoto said, in a recent interview with the media that it is expected to be vision power global planning capacity will reach 400GWh by 2026, and plans to achieve a 15% power battery global market share target.