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The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology will optimize the layout of lithium industry and build a unified market

On November 18, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and the State Administration for Market Regulation jointly issued a notice on the ‘Coordinated and stable development of the lithium-ion battery industry chain and supply chain’. Notice pointed out that local departments must guide the lithium electric enterprises combined with the actual and industry trend reasonable development goals, the key material supply stability, research & development innovation investment sufficient, sufficient amount of capital premise, due to need to expand the scale of production moderately, optimize the industrial regional layout, avoid low level of homogeneity development and vicious competition.


According to incomplete statistics, in 2022, at least 75 investment plans were announced in the domestic lithium battery field, with a total investment amount of more than one trillion Chinese Yuan, of which nearly half of the project investment scale is more than 10 billion Chinese Yuan.


According to the latest statistics of China Automobile Power Battery Industry Innovation Alliance, since January to October 2022, China's cumulative power battery output of 425.9GWh, a cumulative year-on-year growth of 166.5%. In the last half a month, the domestic planned increase in lithium battery production capacity reached 202GWh.


According to the public information, by 2025, domestic lithium battery enterprises, CATL capacity planning is 839 GWh, BYD capacity exceeds 600 GWh,
CALB capacity is 500GWh, Guoxuan Gotion high-tech capacity is 300GWh,
EVE Energy Co., Ltd capacity will exceed 200GWh, honeycomb energy capacity is 600GWh. The above six companies alone are planned to produce 3,000 GWh, more than 10 times the lithium battery production of last year.