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BYD all-solid-state battery in mass production in Chongqing, will be loaded test

On November 19, BYD's new all-solid-state lithium battery production in Chongqing will be loaded and tested. The project was led by Academician Minggao Ouyang, and three other academician consultants participated in the research and development of BYD all-solid-state lithium battery, which belongs to the standard national key project.


As the name suggests, the solid state battery is to replace all the internal electrolyte of the liquid battery with solid electrolyte. The mass energy density can be increased from the limit of 300Wh / kg to 700Wh / kg, which means that the solid state battery range will be greatly improved under the same volume.


In addition, the charging speed of solid state batteries will also be a leap forward,complete in 10 minutes, and because there is no liquid electrolyte, solid batteries can be said to eliminate the risk of spontaneous combustion in a real sense, so in general, once solid state batteries are mass produced,it is enough to be called a disruptive innovation.


It is proved that BYD has put into the solid state lithium battery research work since 2016, currently in the leading domestic related patents number, ranked first, its two technical route of oxide-solid-state lithium battery and sulfide-solid-state lithium battery have been completed production, can load test at any time, the next step is the production of commercial use.


Not only BYD, but also CATL, a battery giant, is also developing solid state lithium battery, which is expected to achieve commercial mass production of solid state lithium battery in 2030. In addition, it is also full of sodium ion, M3P, condensed matter, cobalt-free battery, no rare metal battery and other battery technology layout.