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Grosso Group

The Grosso Group is a private management company founded in 1993, recognized as a leading pioneer of mineral exploration in South America. The group operates with the objective of creating investor value through the growth of the publicly listed member companies.

022306the discovery of three multi-million ounce precious metal deposits

partnerships with industry majors such as Barrick Gold, Viceroy/Yamana, Teck Cominco, Rio Tinto and Areva

Company Founder Joseph Grosso named Argentina's Mining Man of the Year 2005


Mining in Argentina


Argentina shares a Cordillera mountain range that has helped create over 400 mining projects in Chile. In Northern Argentina, this same structure has created numerous gold and copper porphyry systems, but in general the country remains under-explored and under-developed relative to its western neighbour.


Mining in Chile


Chile is endowed with a variety of metals, but is known for being the world’s leading producer of copper from mining.

Mining in Chile benefits from:

High quality, abundant resources and reserves

A stable legal framework

Opportunities for foreign investment.

Highly skilled mining specialists.

Established energy infrastructure and transportation network.

Goods and services suppliers in key mining areas.


Mining in Paraguay


The mining industry in Paraguay is currently small relative to its neighbouring countries, focused mainly on iron ore production. However, the country is considered to have strong geological potential, with the same geology that other countries currently have and exploit.