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The largest single gold deposit in China is founded in Laizhou city

On May 17, the gold exploration project in Laizhou City passed the expert evaluation organized by the Shandong Provincial Bureau of Geology&Mineral Resources, and preliminary determined that the new gold metal amount was nearly 200 tons, the cumulative amount of gold metal reached 580 tons, and the potential economic value was more than 200 billion CNY. So far, Xiling gold mine has become the largest single gold deposit found in China, which is a world-class giant single gold deposit.


Xiling gold mine is located in the deep Sanshan Island gold mine, and the north of which is the northern sea gold mine of Sanshan Island, the second largest single gold deposit in China. The three gold mines not only have a single gold mine reserves, but also belong to the Sanshan Island gold mine belt. After the increase of Xiling gold mine, the gold resources have accumulated more than 1300 tons in the Sanshan Island gold belt of less than 20 square kilometers, which is also rare in the world.

Xiling gold mine is a typical representative of deep prospecting, and its resources are mainly distributed within the elevation range of-1000 meters to-2500 meters, which is the deepest gold mine found in China at present. From the general survey to the exploration stage, more than 300,000 meters of mechanical core drilling was completed in 180 boreholes. The depth of the deepest final hole is 4006.17 meters, which is the record of the deepest hole of small diameter drilling in China. It creates a precedent for the deep exploration of metal minerals in China, and is also an important practice of the theory of "attacking deep exploration and seeking". Large resources and good economy are the characteristics of Xiling gold mine.