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MiningComm visit the 2023 Shanghai International Automobile Industry Exhibition

April 25, 2023, MiningComm visited the 2023 Shanghai International Automobile Industry Exhibition, as the first A-class auto show since China opened the COVID-19 epidemic prevention, a total of 1,000+ vehicle and parts companies from 20 countries and regions participated in the show, about 1,500 vehicles are on site. The exhibition area is three times the size of the New York Auto Show, which shows the new achievements of innovation and development of the world automobile industry.


In addition to the large scale and multi exhibitors, the Shanghai Auto Show presents a more comprehensive display of the product innovation of China's automobile industry towards intelligent electrification, technological progress, model innovation and the comprehensive ability of the whole industrial chain.


As one of the largest and most advanced battery suppliers in China, CATL(Contemporary Amperex Technology Co.Limited) has also exhibited the AB sodium-ion battery and Kirin lithium-ion battery.


It is reported that Li Auto Inc.’s first pure electric model will become the world's first equipped with CATL 4C Kirin battery model.




The auto show embodies the characteristics of electrification, intelligence and internationalization, including a number of blockbuster models, revolutionary battery technology, new energy transformation speeding, etc. In addition, the joint venture brands more emphasize localization, focus on the new energy to catch up; the overall rise of local brands, the trend of high-end, cooperative boost the rapid development of the new energy market.