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The first export orders of SD-Gold Heavy Industry will be delivered to Russia in 2023

In March, SD-Gold Heavy Industry ,(SD-Gold Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. -is a wholly-owned subsidiary invested by Shandong Gold Mining Co., Ltd. in 2018) three independently developed 3m³ internal combustion bulldozers were successfully launched and went to the mines in western Russia. This is the second time for SD-Gold Heavy Industry to go abroad to the international market in 2022 after the export of 5 underground trail equipment in 2022. It is also the first batch export of underground trail equipment in 2023, laying a solid foundation for SD-Gold Heavy Industry brand to reach the world.




In order to meet the demand of foreign mines, SD-Gold Heavy Industry has upgraded and optimized the product details and configuration on the basis of the export equipment of 2022 according to the famous domestic and foreign famous brands according to the actual environment and industry requirements of foreign mines.


Through the transformation of the front and rear of the equipment and the cab headlights, the light is more clear and transparent, to add protection for the equipment to adapt to various complex mining environments. The principle of adding the near and near light switch in the electrical part is similar to that of the near and near light of the car. The switch of the near and near light is realized through a switch, making the equipment more convenient in the complex underground environment. On the basis of the previous automatic fire extinguishing system, two additional manual fire extinguishers are on the both sides of the front frame of the equipment. The fire extinguisher is equipped in the front of the cab, so that once there are possibilities of fire and spontaneous combustion during the driving process, the fire extinguisher equipped with the car can be used for initial rescue.


For the next step, SD-Gold Heavy Industry will continue to keep the high-end customization route, to mass, and stronger quality benefit for the development ideas, build SD-Gold Heavy mining equipment manufacturing independent brand, with more advanced, better quality service customers at home and abroad, actively expand domestic and foreign market business, win customer recognition at home and abroad, the construction industry leading, the international first-class gold mining equipment manufacturing enterprises.