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Energy storage technology pilot! Great Power Energy & Technology Co.,Ltd 2023 new generation of cell released

On April 7th, the first day of the 11th Energy Storage International Summit and Exhibition, Great Power Energy & Technology officially released the new generation of energy storage cells, and shared the latest technological breakthroughs and innovative thinking in the field of energy storage. At the new product release site, five energy storage cells of Great Power Energy & Technology were officially released. From large energy storage to household energy storage, from large cylinder to sodium ion, it has brought many ‘Core forces to the energy storage industry, which have been widely concerned by the market, industry experts, capital and other aspects of society.


In energy storage system, batteries is the core components, which is the key to optimize the energy storage system performance and cost. Great Power Energy & Technology in continuous technology innovation driven officially launched five energy storage batteries new products in performance, cycle life, safety, and will be applied to large energy storage, household energy storage and different application scenarios.


Compared with the previous generation of cell products, the capacity of 320Ah cell is increased by 14%, the energy of the system is increased by 14%, the cycle life is more than 8000 times, and the service life is more than 20 years. At the same time, excellent performance in low temperature ability, can meet-40℃ storage and-30℃ discharge.


In the technical innovation of 320Ah products, Great Power Energy & Technology has developed a number of unique process technologies, including the exclusive electrolyte design formula and process, effectively reduce the internal resistance of the film formation, improve the energy efficiency by 0.5%, and realize the simulation optimization of the polar ear structure, improve the utilization rate of the core space by 1%, and better improve the safety performance of the product.


With its excellent high and low temperature performance, safety performance and low manufacturing cost, ion cells have a wide range of application prospects in energy storage and light power fields. In the field of sodium-ion battery, Great Power Energy & Technology has achieved a number of research and development breakthroughs. At present, Great Power Energy & Technology officially launched 91Ah and 3050 mAh two sodium ion cells. In terms of energy density, it can break 145Wh / kg, which is comparable to the energy density of lithium ion battery, and has the advantage of long cycle, and the life can reach 3000 weeks. With its wide temperature range operating characteristics, the discharge temperature range is -40℃ ~55℃, -20℃ discharge capacity is more than 90%, and the capacity recovery rate of 60℃ storage after 7 days is more than 96%.