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MiningComm's endeavors and developments in March

On March 6th , 2022, MiningComm has reached out to over 120 Chinese Communities among our four local chapters in Canada, which includes Vancouver, Calgary, Toronto and Montreal.


Over the past weeks, MiningComm has been actively seeking battery cell production and manufacture plants in the world wide to meet the high global demand for battery cells.




Our Founder& Chairman, Dr. Wei Qian, attended the 2023 PDAC in Toronto and actively visiting battery cell producers in Greater Toronto Area.


MiningComm now has a more project focused investment group with more high profile investors in our group. We have summarized our work from 2022 China Mining Conference and Expo(Online).


MiningComm has worked with more than 100 foreign junior and producing mining companies and represented them in China to secure project investors and off-take partners. We promote these projects to them through our platform to see if they are interested to invest or buy shares of our mining clients.