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BYD hexagonal-prism battery cell release

On January 30,2023,two years after the launch of the blade battery, BYD announced the patent for the hexagonal-prism battery.



According to the release of patent figure, the new type of battery and common square and cylindrical battery has a big difference, and the battery monomer cell presents hexagonal-prism, believe from the honeycomb structure obtained the bionic inspired —— the best benefit of this design is more conducive to close fit between battery and battery, improve battery utilization of space and energy density.


According to the data on the patent, the height of the entire shell (cover + shell) is between 60 and 150 mm, about half the size of an iPhone. The diameter of the shell is between 15 and 60 mm. It is worth mentioning that the patent also mentioned: "the height of the shell can be 90mm, the inner circle diameter can be 40mm", and according to the naming rules of the battery, we can call this battery "4090 battery". For reference, the Tesla 4680 battery has an 80mm height and a diameter of 46mm. So compared to Tesla's 4680 battery, BYD's hexagonal-prism battery will appear "tall and thin".